Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Arts and Humanities Data Service: Cordwainers College Collection

Covering the period 1780-1999, the Cordwainers College historic shoe collection is held at the London College of Fashion.
Originating as a teaching aid for courses in footwear, the collection is now easily accessible via Arts and Humanities Data Service. Containing some 650 items, the collection consists of women's fashion shoes, although it also includes men's and children's footwear and exhibition work. Shoemakers such as Pinet, (1870s), Joseph Box (1890s), James Taylor (c1900-1910) and W.L. Douglas (1900, 1920) are included, along with manufacturers such as Bartley (c 1885-1920), Clarks (1965-1971), Ravel (early 1970's), and Sacha (c 1973).
Access: Free