Friday, March 30, 2007

Sounds Familiar

Celebrating the UK's many different accents, dialects and vocabularies, Sounds Familiar is a unique and groundbreaking new interactive website from the British Library. Users will be able to hear recordings of people from all over England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Sounds Familiar features 72 recordings of regional accents and dialects from every corner of the UK, some recorded in the 1950s and some almost half a century later, in 1998-1999, making it possible for users to explore how spoken English varies regionally and how accents and dialects have changed over time.
In the recordings, the interviewees discuss a huge array of subjects ranging from football to farming, school, work and home life, shopping, computers and much more. The website also includes three case studies with over 600 audio-clips intended that give an in-depth look at three very different varieties of English: Received Pronunciation (RP), Geordie dialect and minority ethnic English.
Access: Free