Monday, March 05, 2007

Tate Online: Net Art

Watercouleur Park, 2007, by French artists' group Qubo Gas, is the 11th commission by Tate for its Net Art Programme.
Qubo Gas (Laura Henno, Jean-François Ablézot, Morgan Dimnet) is a French collective of artists active since 2000. Their practice, involving works on paper, collages, video installations, digital animations and frescos, primarily focuses on drawing, its techniques and its history.
Watercouleur Park is an interactive graphic composition made of layers of drawings. The order in which the drawn landscapes appear is random. The vegetation contained in each of the landscapes is also a random element. There are 14 landscapes in total, drawn dynamically from an updatable database of drawings. The project allows users to modify, rotate and change point of view.
Access: Free