Monday, April 30, 2007

William Kentridge Podcast

William Kentridge, a South African artist best known for poetic animated films based on his charcoal drawings, has long been fascinated by the ideas of nineteenth-century French Symbolist author Alfred Jarry.
Jarry's writings have provided the inspiration for works including the 1997 film Ubu Tells the Truth, in which Kentridge used the French author's grotesque figure of Ubu Roi as a commentary on the destructive legacy of apartheid. In this podcast, Kentridge discusses his admiration for Jarry's plays and novels, especially as they relate to his own work as a socially conscious visual artist.
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Robert Blackburn, Printmaker

This web site was created to compliment an exhibition held at the Library of Congress in 2003. The exhibition looks at the master printmaker Robert Blackburn (b. 1920, Summit, New Jersey; d. 2003 in New York City) who "changed the course of American art through his graphic work and the Printmaking Workshop, which he founded in New York City in 1948".
The exhibition looks at his "pioneering contributions to the technical and aesthetic development of abstract color lithography" and "his generosity in encouraging and training thousands of diverse artists to experiment in the graphic medium". The website provides an overview of the exhibition, with biographical information about Blackburn, plus a checklist of objects.
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Guildford Borough Art Collection

This database provides an online record of Guildford Borough Council's art collection, with images and descriptions of many of the works.
The collection comprises more than 550 pieces and small collections, and is held at the Guildford House Gallery, a 17th century town house in Guildford High Street. The works span more than 250 years and include oil paintings, watercolours, pastels, etchings, engravings, prints, textiles, ceramics, sculpture, and glass.
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Uncomfortable Truths at the V&A

'Uncomfortable Truths' is a series of activities organised by the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2007 to mark the bi-centenary of the parliamentary abolition of slave trading. Subtitled 'the shadow of slave trading on art & design', the activities and exhibits aim to raise both awareness and questions about the legacy of slavery.
This web site provides information about the range of activities which are split across four areas: contemporary work; events; gallery trails; and a discussion board. The five gallery trails are for use by visitors to the V&A to guide them round significant works in the V&A permanent collections. Each is introduced on the web site with introductory information and a selection of images. Of particular online interest are the Contemporary works by eleven leading and emerging international artists placed throughout the Museum's galleries and public spaces and introduced here. The web site provides overview information about the exhibition, information about the artists, readings list and links, and a poem by Benjamin Zephaniah called 'Master'.
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Artists' Books at the University of Wisconsin

This database is an illustrated, descriptive index to the Artists' Book Collection, located in the Kohler Art Library, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US. The Artists' Book Collection comprises limited edition, one-of-a-kind, and offset books, representative of major book artists working during the part 30 years, including many who trained in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Art Department. Currently, the Artists' Book Collection contains over 800 titles. The database indexes approximately 760 of these titles, over 500 of which have one to four images to visually represent the structure and/or content of the book. The website also provides an overview of the collection, with lists of some of the book artists, book presses, book structures, bindings, mediums and techniques represented.
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Leonardo da Vinci: The Adoration of the Magi

This website has been created to accompany an exhibition at the Library of Congress in December 2006. The exhibition focusses on a work by Leonardo da Vinci, commissioned in 1481 by the monks of San Donato a Scopeto near Florence for a wooden panel painting of an altar-piece celebrating the Adoration of the Magi. This exhibition displays a study from the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Through images, multi-layered readings, infra-red reflectograms and accompanying information, the exhibition examines the details of both the preparatory drawing and painting. A movie from the Institute and Museum of the History of Science, Florence, Italy offers an analysis of the creative process that informed the Adoration of the Magi and a flash animation offers magnifications of the image.
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Watercolours by Elizabeth Jane Hasluck

This resource provides images of 28 watercolours of views of the area round her home, the Austins, by Elizabeth Jane Hasluck, which are now held in the Birmingham Musuem and Art Gallery. This site is part of Digital Handsworth, a project to provide a multimedia resource guide to the history of the ancient West Midlands parish of Handsworth, near Birmingham, England.
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Regency Costume

Regency style costumes were made to commemorate the 10th birthday of Soho House Museum. This website provides images of the production of these costumes created by the Asian Women's Textile Groups, together with photographs of the costumes being worn by Soho House staff. This resource is part of Digital Handsworth, part of a project to provide a multimedia resource guide to the history of the ancient West Midlands parish of Handsworth, near Birmingham.
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The Bonefolder ­ Volume 3, No. 2, Spring 2007 is now available online. Table of contents:

Disciplining a Craft – Clifton Meador

Teaching Book Culture – N. Bradley Christie

The Book Art of Melissa Jay Craig – Jen Thomas

Solving the Production Puzzle: Jigs and Other Tips for Hand Binding Books in Multiples – Priscilla Spitler

Beautiful Books Digitally – Jamie Runnells

One Book, Many Interpretations: The Making of the Exhibition – Lesa Dowd

A Review of the Guild of Book Workers 100th Anniversary Exhibition and Exhibition Catalog – Craig Jensen

No Longer Innocent: Book Art In America, 1960-1980, a review – Melissa Jay Craig

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Constructing Europe: Transport

Online exhibition from the National Archives showing the development of transport of all kinds, in Britain and elsewhere in Europe.
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Lambiek Comiclopedia is an illustrated compendium of over 9,000 comic artists, listed under last name or pseudonym.
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Travels Near and Far

Produced to complement an exhibition curated by Katie Sambrook at King‘s College London, this website on voyages and travels from the 16th to the 20th century is illustrated with images from rare books and manuscripts in the Foyle Special Collections Library. This material includes sections on grand tours, as well as the Arctic regions and the Indian sub-continent. Many of these colour images display native costumes as well as views and landscapes.
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17th Century Dutch Painting From the Hunterian Art Gallery

Given the opportunity to research in depth a sample of works by thirteen 17th century Dutch artists represented in the collections of the Hunterian Art Gallery, University of Glasgow students have produced the results of their investigations on this website. As well as looking at portraits, still life, genre and landscapes, the students considered the markets and guilds involvement in these works. This website also provides information on the artists' studio, how they worked, and the realistic rendering of subject matter. A report is also included on their reconstruction of the materials and method employed by the artists.
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Museum of Lost Interactions

This website makes available collections of forgotten communication and entertainment media. Each object is an examples of interaction design that pre-dates digital technology. Find yesteryear's precursor to the Internet, mobile and wireless communication technologies.
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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Getty Video Gallery

Explore the collections, exhibitions, and history of the J. Paul Getty Museum in our new online Video Gallery, featuring over 50 videos. Go behind the scenes with artists and conservators, learn about J. Paul Getty's life and the building of the Getty Center, discover Dorothea Lange's documentary photographs, watch demonstrations of ancient glassmaking techniques, and more!
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Marine Hugonnier Podcast

Listen to Marine Hugonnier's podcase from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Marine Hugonnier's Trilogy is the third installment of Live Cinema, an exhibition series exploring single-channel work at the Museum's Film and Video Gallery. While diverse in subject and approach, these films—Ariana (2003), The Last Tour (2004), and Travelling Amazonia (2006)—engage with what Hugonnier refers to as the "politics of vision": the notion that perception is determined by cultural, political, and actual perspective. To Hugonnier, every vantage point taken in through the camera's lens—from the panorama that derives from militaristic origins, to the tourist site that focuses on highly specific vistas, and the traveling shot that privileges mono-focal perspective and linear time—frames and affects the experience of what is captured on film.
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BA Hons Photography Webcams

Live weblogs and live webcams of photographic students from the BA Hons Photography course at the University College for the Creative Arts, Rochester.
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National Museums Liverpool: Ben Johnson

National Museums Liverpool has commissioned Ben Johnson to create a highly detailed cityscape of Liverpool. Work-in-progress images can be seen on their Flickr site.
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Intute Best of The Web

9 new ‘best of the Web’ subject booklets have been published by Intute. Providing a selection of some of the most useful Internet resources for students, lecturers and researchers in a variety of subjects, they also point to the free Internet search and training services offered by Intute. Subjects include religion and theology, fashion and beauty, and social research.
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American Terra Cotta Company Database

University of Minnesota Libraries has provided this database of over 500 images from their collection relating to the American Terra Cotta Company. The collection contains images of terracotta products produced by the company from 1905-1964. Searches of the database can be limited by city, year or decade. Searching tips and subject terms are provided, as well as an overview of the whole archive.

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Archives Hub

This month's showcase feature from the Archives Hub is on hat manufacturers, milliners, and retailers.
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Virtual Training Suite

A number of new Internet tutorials for the Social Sciences have been released in the Intute Virtual Training Suite.
The tutorials are designed to help students develop Internet research skills for their university or college work, and can be used to support courses in research methods, information literacy and study skills.
The following tutorials have been completely updated and revised by subject experts from UK universities. New tutorials include:
  • Anthropology
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Social Research

  • Travel

  • Women's Studies

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pictorial America: Houshold Appliances

Digitised historical adverts and trade literature for household appliances from the Library of Congress, Washington.
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Contemporary Japanese Prints

On The Cutting Edge, an online exhibition of Japanese prints from the Library of Congress, Washington.
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New Moves International

New Moves International is an arts production company based in Glasgow, "which presents radical live and mediated performance work within the context of international festivals." It presents an annual festival of live art entitled 'New Territories'. The website includes an archive section, listing artists whose work has appeared at New Moves, New Territories, and the NRLA, between 1981 and the present. The website also includes a press section and an archive of essays, interviews and images.
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Finding Space

Finding Space has been set up in order to "explore models of environmental development, art and architecture within psychiatric hospitals" and currently works with Dykebar Psychiatric hospital in Paisley. In order to improve the environment within psychiatric hospitals for staff, patients and visitors, Dykebar have commissioned research into this area and has also commissioned works from Donald Urquhart and Jane Kelly within the hospital. In addition to information about these projects the website also has articles on relevant research in this area with links to external sites. There is an archive of all the reports published. The projects section has information about and images of developed work and also has interviews the artists that require a media player.
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