Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Alastair MacLennan

The website of Alastair MacLennan, one of Britain’s major practitioners in live art, is now available online via AHDS Visual Arts.
Alastair MacLennan is Research Professor in Fine Art at the School of Art and Design, University of Ulster in Belfast. Since 1975 he has been based in Belfast and was a founder member of Belfast's Art and Research Exchange. He is also a member of the European Performance Group called 'Black Market International.'
During the 1970’s and 1980’s, he made long durational performances in Britain and America, of up to 144 hours each, non-stop, usually neither eating nor sleeping throughout. Subject matter dealt with political, social and cultural malfunction. He currently travels extensively in Eastern and Western Europe, also America and Canada, presenting ‘Actuations’ (his term for performance/installations).
Link: http://www.vads.ahds.ac.uk/collections/maclennan/
Access: Free