Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Annie Whiles

Can you make the ordinary extraordinary? It’s something Annie Whiles explores in her latest exhibition, Cuckoo, at Danielle Arnaud’s. The domestic interior of Arnaud’s space perfectly fits with Whiles’ drawings - the artist is fascinated with kitsch home banality. Her schoolbook-style illustrations resemble Patrick Caulfield’s paintings but drained of all colour. There’s the same focus on two-dimensionality and everything is created with thick black lines. The objects that interest Whiles couldn’t be more everyday or basic. These are domestic details - birds on plates, 70s side tables. The work creates an interesting contrast with the “real” domestic interior it sits in. Whiles asks why have an authentic table when you can hang an image where a table should be?
You can view an online gallery of White's works at BBC Collective.
Access: Free