Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Marine Hugonnier Podcast

Listen to Marine Hugonnier's podcase from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Marine Hugonnier's Trilogy is the third installment of Live Cinema, an exhibition series exploring single-channel work at the Museum's Film and Video Gallery. While diverse in subject and approach, these films—Ariana (2003), The Last Tour (2004), and Travelling Amazonia (2006)—engage with what Hugonnier refers to as the "politics of vision": the notion that perception is determined by cultural, political, and actual perspective. To Hugonnier, every vantage point taken in through the camera's lens—from the panorama that derives from militaristic origins, to the tourist site that focuses on highly specific vistas, and the traveling shot that privileges mono-focal perspective and linear time—frames and affects the experience of what is captured on film.
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