Monday, April 30, 2007

Uncomfortable Truths at the V&A

'Uncomfortable Truths' is a series of activities organised by the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2007 to mark the bi-centenary of the parliamentary abolition of slave trading. Subtitled 'the shadow of slave trading on art & design', the activities and exhibits aim to raise both awareness and questions about the legacy of slavery.
This web site provides information about the range of activities which are split across four areas: contemporary work; events; gallery trails; and a discussion board. The five gallery trails are for use by visitors to the V&A to guide them round significant works in the V&A permanent collections. Each is introduced on the web site with introductory information and a selection of images. Of particular online interest are the Contemporary works by eleven leading and emerging international artists placed throughout the Museum's galleries and public spaces and introduced here. The web site provides overview information about the exhibition, information about the artists, readings list and links, and a poem by Benjamin Zephaniah called 'Master'.
Access: Free