Friday, June 15, 2007

Artists' Use of Self Image

WHY ME? ARTIST’S USE OF SELF IMAGE is a new research database available from AHDS Visual Arts.
The database contains the names of over 340 artists worldwide who feature their own physical presence within the artworks they present. The database was constructed in 2007 by Anne Seagrave, artist and AHRC Fellow with the Research Institute, School of Art and Design, University of Ulster in Belfast.
The database is a unique resource for researchers and the arts world. As Seagrave explains, “there’s only a very small amount of reference material covering artists’ use of self-image. You can find some information about self-portraiture in painting and photography and a fairly small amount dealing with live art, but there's nothing that links different artists who choose to use self-image. More importantly, there is an enormous amount of creative contribution out there which is not represented in the glossy magazines and publications found in galleries and art school libraries.”
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