Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Latin American Art

Following student requests, we have identified Latin American art as a priority collecting area of late, and have been busy building up the Library's collection in this area. The books below are the first of these new books to arrive, and will be joined by others in the near future. Full details are available in the Library Catalogue.
Link: http://library.gsa.ac.uk:6080/TalisPrism/doSearch.do

Armando Reveron by Luis Perez-Oranas

Helio Oiticica: The Body of Colour

Iran do Espirito Santo by Paolo Colombo (ed.)

Gabriel Orozco by Yve-Alain Bois

Version and Inversions: Perspectives on Avant-Garde Art in Latin America by Hector Olea (ed.)

Conservations with Jesus Soto by Ariel Jimerez

Readings in Latin American Modern Art by Patrick Frank

Latin American Art of the 20th Century by Edward Lucie-Smith

Mar Magdalene Campos-Pons: Everything Is Separated By Water

Mexico and Modern Printmaking by John Ittman (ed.)

Listen Here Now! Argentine Art in the 1960s by Ines Katzenstein

The Hours: Contemporary Art for Latin American by Michael Herzog et. al.

Transcontinental: Nine Latin American Artists by Guy Brett (ed.)

Julio Larraz by Edward Lucie-Smith

Lucia Nogueira: Drawings