Monday, November 19, 2007

1 World Manga

The manga artform has really come of age of late, and the World Bank is the latest organisation to use the medium in new and innovative ways. Its 1 World mangas take the Japanese animation form and use it to address world issues such as corruption, AIDS and poverty.
The series follows the escapades of Rei, who survives a tough life on the streets by his wits and guts alone, and dreams of becoming the world's greatest martial artist. With the arrival of a mysterious master on the scene, his training begins. Except that this master—who takes the form of a different animal with each appearance—seems to be teaching Rei about everything except how to fight! Under his guidance, Rei explores all corners of the world: how to cook for a hungry family, fall in love, solve the mystery of the vanishing fish, baby-sit, get attacked by a shark, ride an elephant, wrestle a jaguar, get tied up and thrown into the ocean, get kidnapped by soldiers, get a tan, expose corrupt public officials, and save orphans.
You can view excerpts and illustrations from the series on the World Bank's YouThink! portal.
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