Friday, March 28, 2008

Colours in Fashion

This website is an online companion to the exhibition `The right chemistry: colors in fashion, 1704-1918' hosted by the Higbee Gallery, Kent State University Museum from the 16th December 2004 to 19th February 2006.
The exhibition explores the relationship between colour and fashion. "For centuries, colors and fashion have been linked. While observing the uses and symbolism of different colors and the dye sources of various shades, surviving garments presented in the exhibition help us understand the far reaching applications of color discoveries".
The exhibition is divided into the following four sections: science and fashion intertwined (red and blue), theory and practice (yellow and white), synthetic dyes, the rage for mauve and the aniline boom (beige and purple) and remaking nature's colors (green). Each section contains further information about the topic and images of costumes and garments.
Access: Free