Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Internet Resource for Film and Theatre

Internet Resources for Film and Theatre is a PDF file of Intute: Arts and Humanities' subject booklet for film and theatre studies' students, teachers, researchers and librarians. Published in March 2008 as a short A5 booklet, the document provides details of some of the most useful Internet websites, covering all aspects of the film and theatre studies, including film and theatre history; films, plays and reviews; directors, screenwriters and playwrights; actors and actings; film and theatre production; cinemas, film studios and theatres; festivals, awards and events; film and theatre theory and criticism; and libraries, archives and collections. A short description of each featured resource is provided. The document is illustrated with images from some of the websites listed.
Link: http://www.intute.ac.uk/artsandhumanities/booklets/
Access: Free