Monday, June 02, 2008

Research at Gray's School of Art

This website sets out the research that is being undertaken at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen
The website divides research practices into four themes: Art and the Public Sphere – concerned with the development of cultural meaning and value; Challenging Making - exploring the poetics of form through individual practices responding to technological, economic and ecological change; Art and Design Pedagogy - applied research in the teaching and learning of art and design; Design Research – creative and innovative collaborations with business and service organisations.
Within these broad areas, specific projects, ranging from the exploration of the rapidly changing values of ‘craft’ to specific public art projects are described (in the website’s ‘Initiatives’ section). Additionally the website includes research staff profiles and details of past and current doctoral projects, and doctoral opportunities. The website also describes the well established ‘Guests@Grays’ lecture series which draws in a wide range of speakers from diverse international backgrounds and disciplines.
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