Monday, August 04, 2008

Constable's Clouds

The Courtauld Institute of Art`s website, called Art and Architecture has provided this meterologist's view of an artist`s cloud studies. Professor of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics and Head of Mathematics, Meterology and Physics at the University of Reading, Ian James considers the 19 pencil sketches from life of clouds and skyscapes made by John Constable after his move to Hampstead in 1821. Although it has been suggested that these sketches were based on Alexander Cozen`s `Engravings of Skies' Professor James believes that Constable sketched actual conditions as each sketch is accompanied with notes on the time of day and weather conditions. He also believes that this series of sketches were drawn on a single day of unstable fairly windy conditions, and images are provided of Constable`s sketches of dawn, mid-morning, afternoon and evening. A glossary and reading list are also provided.
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