Thursday, October 23, 2008

Maps of London

The British Library website has provided this online exhibition featuring the Crace collection of maps of London. Collected by the 19th-century designer, Frederick Crace (1779-1859), these 1,200 printed and hand-drawn maps chart the development of the city of London and its immediate vicinity from around 1570 to 1860. The British Library's Head of Maps, Peter Barber, has selected five of these maps as his personal favourites. Ranging from 1593 to 1854 these are featured on the front page of this site. All the items in this exhibition are available to view via a listing, which is not searchable. Clicking on any title provides a short description, medium, date and cartographer, with the image. By clicking on the more metadata button, further information relating to the size, scale and ratio of each map is also available. As well as an option to print a full size copy, there is also a facility for an interactive zoomable image (requires Flash).
Access: Free