Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Happy Hypocrite

The Library has now purchased the first 2 issues of new journal The Happy Hypocrite, published by Book Works, London. It is shelved with the current journals on the top floor of the Main Library.
"The Happy Hypocrite is a biannual journal led by artists’ writings. Informed by a lineage of modern experimental and avant-garde magazines, such as Bananas, Documents, The Fox, Merlin and Tracks, the journal aspires to unpack the methodology of such key journals, whilst providing a brand new approach to art writing. It will provide a greatly needed testing ground for new writing and research-based projects, somewhere for artists, writers and theorists to express experimental ideas that might not otherwise be realised or published."
The 1st issue Linguistic Hardcore
contains an interview, a translation, a short story, notes on time, some possible captions, Bananas and an index. In the 2nd issue Hunting and Gathering bodies of new writing present techniques of collage & bricolage, found and image, interspersed with appropriated and parodic writing.