Monday, January 05, 2009

Tate Papers

Tate's online research journal - includes articles on a wide range of topics reflecting new research into different aspects of the museum's programmes and collection. Articles include:

  • Robert Bird, 'Andrei Tarkovsky and Contemporary Art: Medium and Mediation'
  • Mary Jacobus, 'Rilke and Twombly on the Nile'
  • Jennifer Mundy, 'An Unpublished Drawing by Duchamp: Hell in Philadelphia'
  • Kate Nesin, 'Some Notes on Words and Things in Cy Twombly's Sculptural Practice'
  • Carol A. Nigro, 'Cy Twombly's Humanist Upbringing'
  • Rebecca Sinker, 'On the Evolution of a Peer-led Programme: Tate Forum'
  • Harriet A.L. Standeven, 'The History and Manufacture of Lithol Red, a Pigment Used by Mark Rothko in his Seagram and Harvard Murals of the 1950s and 1960s'
  • Andrea Nixon, 'Advocating to Stakeholders'.
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