Thursday, February 26, 2009

Arctic Exploration

The Ice: Victorian Romance website was published by the Linda Hall Library in Kansas City, Missouri, to accompany an exhibition, held from 1 May to 13 September, 2008, of rare books and journals that commemorated the British "infatuation with the
Arctic". The exploration of the Arctic began in the early 19th century with small naval expeditions. Illustrated journals and books were produced by the naval officers, some of whom were accomplished artists, which showed images of icebergs, Inuit seal-hunters, harbours in the winter, snow houses, walruses, and maps (as the new territories were explored and mapped). By 1860, a deeper understanding of the prehistoric past, glaciers, and the Ice Age had been arrived at, the route of the Northwest Passage had been discovered, and the remainder of the Arctic coast and much of the archipelago had been explored and mapped.
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