Monday, February 16, 2009

Van Gogh and the Colors of the Night

The Van Gogh and the Colors of the Night website was published to accompany an exhibition, of the same name, held at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York, from 21 September, 2008 to 5 January, 2009. The exhibition explored Van Gogh's night-time landscapes and how his nocturnal paintings were fired by his vivid imagination. The website provides enlargeable images of Van Gogh's paintings, pencil and ink drawings, and letters, from all periods of his career, under the following headings: early landscapes; peasant life; sowers and wheatfields; poetry of the night: the town; and poetry of the night: the country. A section on Van Gogh's literary influences, including Hans Christian Andersen and Émile Zola, is included. The website also contains an audio commentary for the exhibition, and for some of the works shown, and a map marking some of the places that Van Gogh visited and lived in.
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