Monday, April 27, 2009

Art & Research

Issue 2 of Volume 2 of Art & Research from the GSA's Studio 55 has now been published. Art and Research is an artist-led, internationally peer-assessed e-journal of Research in Fine Art Practice, focused upon questions, contexts and methodologies of artistic research and practice. Art & Research aims to serve professional artists and academics, curators and critics, artistic researchers, postgraduate and doctoral research students and undergraduates, and to inform current pedagogical thought in a global context.
This issue of Art & Research gathers papers and artworks presented during significant international conferences and symposia dedicated to artistic research held between May and December 2008 in Dublin, Dundee, Reykjavik, Gothenburg and New York and is published in collaboration with MaHKUzine, Journal of Artistic Research # 7, Summer 2009 and Art Monitor: The Swedish Journal for Artistic Research.
This issue also includes related online artwork by Jacqueline Donachie, Irene Kopelman, Peter McCaughey, alexandra p. spaulding and Ina Wudtke, a research project report by Erik Andersson and a revisedtranslation of 'Artistic Research and the Poetics of Knowledge' by Kathrin Busch.
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