Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baroque Painting in Bologna

Part of the J. Paul Getty Museum website, this online resource was produced to complement their exhibition `Captured Emotions: Baroque Painting in Bologina, 1575-1725' featuring works by the Carracci family and their pupils and followers, which ran from 16 December 2008 to 3 May 2009. Some of these paintings illustrate the text on the main Web page, with facilities to enlarge or zoom to explore the paintings in more detail. Audio files accompany Carraci`s `Madonna Enthroned with Saint Matthew', Guernico`s painting of `The Return of the Prodigal Son', Domenichino`s `The Way to Calvary' and Crespi`s `Baptism'. Three paintings of `Joseph and Potiphar`s Wife' are compared via a hypertext link.
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