Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Games User Research

Games User Research at Microsoft Game Studios' offers downloadable lectures, full-text academic articles, and details of researchers active at the Microsoft Game Studios. Example full-text articles and talks include: 'The (Usable) World is Not Enough: Making Games More Fun'; 'We're Not Listening: An Open Letter to Academic Game Researchers'; 'Do-It-Yourself Usability: How to Use User Research to Improve your Game'; and 'Befuddlement in Action: Classic Usability Problems in Games and How to Avoid Them'. There are also Powerpoint presentations to download, such as: 'Successful instrumentation: Tracking Attitudes and Behaviors to Improve Games'. This will be a useful website for those seeking insights into design issues in relation to the development of computer games, especially issues of usability and play-testing of prototype games.
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