Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ken Russell Savage Messiah

This site collects together information about the life and work of the much-acclaimed and equally much-maligned British maverick filmmaker Ken Russell (1927- ). It includes a biography of Russell; a chronology; a photograph gallery; news; interviews with Russell and those who have worked with him; an examination of his influences and the themes in his work; links to other Russell-related sites and a ten-minute documentary. All his films are listed, with stills and plot summaries, divided into eras: 'Salad Days' considers his early films such as 'French Dressing' (1963); 'The Classic Period': includes his adaptation of D.H. Lawrence's 'Women In Love' (1969); 'The Classic Period 2': 'Savage Messiah' (1972) and others; 'Cashing-In': 'Tommy' (1975); 'America': 'Altered States' (1980); 'Looking for a Budget': 'Gothic' (1986); 'Neverlands': includes another D.H. Lawrence adaptation 'The Rainbow' (1989). The TV section provides annotated lists of the classic Monitor films he made for the BBC, including 'Elgar' (1962) and the later 'Omnibus' films which included the brilliant 'Song of Summer' (1968) about the composer Delius.
Link: http://www.iainfisher.com/russell/
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