Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Media Fabrics

'Media Fabrics: interactive cinemas' is the website of a major MIT research group, active from 1987 until 2006/8. The research focussed on what was termed 'media fabric' - a pervasive and seamless web of media and communications seen as having the potential for... "creative story potentials, meaningful real-time dialogues, social interactions, and personal or communal art and story-making". The website has a weblog (2004-2005); an archive of an earlier 'Interactive Cinemas' website; and a range of archived full-text academic papers. Example titles of papers include: 'The Un/Real Duet: intimacy & agency through interaction with a virtual character'; 'The Mindful Camera: common sense for documentary videography'; 'Children's Comprehension of Video Effects: understanding meaning, mood & message'; 'When Place Becomes Character: a critical framing of place for mobile and situated narratives'; and 'Fun: a condition of creative research', among others.
Link: http://mf.media.mit.edu/
Access: Free