Monday, June 22, 2009

Balzac's Paris

This is a virtual tour of the Paris which existed at the time of Balzac the great French novelist. It was produced using online maps, engravings and other visual materials from the Vernon Duke Collection, University of California Riverside. The compilers explain that the Paris Balzac knew (1799-1850) has largely disappeared. However, it helps enormously to understand his novels, many set there, if we can know something of the early nineteenth century capital city. The tour is divided into 4 parts; Locating Balzac's Paris, Balzac's Paris, Visiting Balzac's Paris and the Epilogue. The Table of Contents has background information, and then links to maps and images for each of these sections, plus explanations, showing what Paris looked like. In addition, there are quotations from his novels slotted in by relevant landmarks.
Access: Free