Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Penguin Science Fiction Covers

The Art of Penguin Science Fiction' is a website showcasing the history Penguin Books' science fiction cover art. The site is navigated initially visually, from a homepage consisting of thumbnails of the book covers. Once users have navigated away from the homepage, the site takes on more of the structure of a book, with covers and descriptions available via an index or a contents list. The site focuses mainly on the period 1935 - 1977, dividing this into design phases, with a general introduction to all, and a specific introduction to each phase. Covers are shown as small images, accompanied by a brief explanation contextualising the design or artwork within the main history. Covers can be viewed by title as well as within historical context, making it easy to compare designs across the decades.
Link: http://www.penguinsciencefiction.org/
Access: Free