Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Future Designers

The Victoria and Albert Museum website has made available the first of their ThinkTanks on 'The Future Designer' available on their websites. Bringing together leading designers and thinkers to share their points of views, these presentations will help the museum support and critically engage with creative design. Following a welcome by Lauren Parker, Head of Contemporary Programmes, Jane Pavitt, chair of the ThinkTank, provides an introduction before four provocations by Jeremy Myerson, Professor of Design Studies at the Royal College of Art; Gareth Williams, Curator of furniture, fashion and textiles at the museum; Daniel Charny, Curator at the Aram Gallery and senior tutor at the Royal College of Art and Kevin McCullagh, Director of the consultancy, Plan, who discuss the designer as collaborator, as celebrity, as accelator and as synthesier. Videos of each contribution can be found via hyperlinks under each section. A downloadable list of attendees is available under 'resources and links', as well as a reading list and other relevant websites.
Access: Free