Monday, September 21, 2009

Design Research Society Proceedings 2008

These Web pages give free access to the Proceedings of the Design Research Society Conference 2008, which was held at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK. The Proceedings were published online in September 2009. The multidisciplinary papers may be browsed A-Z by author, although no titles are given alongside names. The alternative method offered is to search by Day / Session, which then entails returning to the A-Z to hunt down the required author. There is also a keyword search box. Around 220 papers are listed on the website, and most of those tested were found to be full-text PDF files. Example full-text titles include: 'Visual Rhetoric in Outdoor Advertising'; 'Theoretical and Practical Reflections of an Emerging Approach in Office Architecture'; and 'Retail design: lighting as an atmospheric tool, creating experiences which influence consumers' mood and behaviour in commercial spaces', among many others.
Access: Free