Monday, January 18, 2010

Zines and Little Magazines

Although zines and little magazines have never been actively purchased by GSA Library, we do have a number of examples that have entered the collection by various routes in the past. Previously scattered throughout our collection, we've now brought all of these examples together in the Mackintosh Library, to give a better sense of the independent, alternative publishing scene.
Little Magazines are generally defined as those that publish creative, often innovative work, with little or no regard for commercial gain. They provide an outlet for new creative work in literature and the other arts which in many cases is outside the criteria governing most mainstream journals. They sometimes have very small print runs and may last for relatively few issues. Examples in the Library include Lock Up Your Daughters, Uncle Chop Chop, Aggie Weston's, The Happy Hypocrite, Metronome, New Arcadians Journal, and the Marshall McLuhan Dew-Line Newsletter. You'll find them all at 767(73) in the Mackintosh Library.