Monday, February 01, 2010

3D Models

The Gamma 3D Meshes Research Database is a very large free repository of scanned 3D models. Use of the models is permitted in non-commercial and open source projects, and the model files are offered in mainstream 3D formats such as 3DS and OBJ. The database contains some 80,000 objects, and most seem to be of good usable quality - making the database a useful resource to consult for those seeking free royalty-free 3D models, along with the free models in the Google 3D Warehouse. Most models are segmented and may be disassembled, meaning that parts from one model may be easily combined with parts from another. Files are freely accessible, but are downloadable only in the .GZ zip-file format - users will thus need free Windows software such as 7-Zip to unpack the 3D models these .GZ files contain.
Access: Free