Thursday, April 29, 2010

Edwin Morgan at 90

Edwin Morgan is the country’s most distinguished living poet. To celebrate his 90th birthday, the Scottish Poetry Library has just released Eddie@90, a celebration of his life and work and a collection of tributes from 80 of Morgan’s friends and admirers. You can read this book online for free on the Scottish Poetry Library homepage.
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

World Graphics Day

Today is World Graphics Day, and to celebrate you can download your customisable "I value design because..." posters from the Icograda website.
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks

To celebrate the 90th birthday today of the Glasgow poet Edwin Morgan, University of Glasgow Special Collections has made available a number of images from his scrapbooks on Flickr. The Special Collections Department holds a significant and extensive archive of his papers donated in recent years, including scrapbooks, correspondence and handwritten drafts of poems.
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Emblem Books

University of Glasgow Library has launched a new resource on Emblem Books. An Emblem is a symbolic picture with accompanying text, of a type which developed in the sixteenth century and enjoyed an enormous vogue for the next 200 years or more, when several thousand emblem books issued from printing presses throughout Europe. Along with personal imprese-devices that expressed the values or aspirations of a particular individual rather than a general moral-emblems communicate moral, political, or religious values in ways that have to be decoded by the viewer.
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Health Games Research Database

The Health Games research database is a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation directed by the University of California, Santa Barbara. It has just launched a free online database which lists 100s examples of games used to promote health care. They include examples for Government agencies and charities. It is possible to browse by target audience, type of games (including online, mobile) and area of health. Each entry fives a description of the author and purpose of the game where possible links are provided to sites where they can be viewed on line.
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Environmental Science Digital Collection

A University of North Texas Libraries digital collection, Environmental Science Digital Collection contains a variety of open access resources that provide a rigorous and balanced scientific view on environmental issues and their potential consequences. The documents come from United States and other national government agencies and international government agencies.
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Media History Digital Library

Media History Digital Library os a major conservation and access project for histoical printed materials related to cinema, broadcasting and recorded sound, concentrating on American media industry journals and financed by private funds. The project has been established by film archivist and historian David Pierce, and has ambitious plans to digitise an make freely available online a wide range of American media journals. A pilot project has a target of 300,000 journal pages, and already eight volumes (covering four years, 1925-1930) of the fan magazine Photoplay, and one volume each of the trade journals Motion Picture Classic (1920) and Moving Picture World (April-June 1913), have been made available through the Internet Archive, taken from the collection of the Pacific Film Archive.
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Banksy Flickr Pool

New Banksy art from the world renown UK street artist appeared in San Francisco this last week. Catch Banksy art from around the world in the Banksy group, or get out there, shoot his work, and add your own photos to the group!
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Art & Research Issue 3

Art and Research: A Journal of Ideas, Contexts and Methods
Volume 3. No. 1. Winter 2009/10
Art and Research is an artist-led, internationally peer-assessed e-journal of Research in Fine Art Practice, focused upon questions, contexts and methodologies of artistic research and practice. Art & Research aims to serve professional artists and academics, curators and critics, artistic researchers, postgraduate and doctoral research students and undergraduates, and to inform current pedagogical thought in a global context.
This issue of Art & Research features contributions from:
Thomas Hirschhorn
Marcus Steinweg
Jonathon Lahey Dronsfield
Gustav Metzger
Nathalie de Briey
Ursula Biemann
Michael Mersinis
Amy Charlesworth
Matt Rodda
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

GSA Library Participates in Read In! Read Out!

The Library has loaned a number of books on women artists and on feminism to the Read Out! Read In! exhibition at the Centre of Contemporary Arts, Glasgow.
Artists Faith Wilding and Kate Davis have invited a wide range of collaborators to select up to three texts. The result is a rich and expansive archive of texts, publications, audio/video, film-clips and images which are available through an online archive and at the ‘Read Out! Read In!’ reading room and library at the CCA, produced in collaboration with Glasgow Women’s Library. The reading room is available from April 16th-May 29th 2010. This material is also providing starting points for a network of reading groups and seminar events which have begun in Glasgow and Chicago and will continue on an international basis leading up to, during and after the exhibition.

Alec Finlay's Word Map

Artist Alec Finlay has just launched his Renga word-map of the Peak District National Park.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Special Collections Showcase: Macao et Cosmage

This regular feature of our blog highlights items from the Library's Rare Books and Special Collections, which are currently being recatalogued, audited and researched by staff in the Library. Today we look at Macao et Cosmage by Edouard Leon Louis Legrand, known as Edy-Legrand.
This book for French children was published in November 1919, when the artist was just 18. It's brightly coloured illustrations show the contemporary influence of Fauvism and jazz, and are rendered in the technique of pochoir in which is pigment is applied to the page through stencils. The book presents a very colonial view of island territories in which life is depicted as invariably happy and tranquil; indeed it is subtitled "the experience of happiness". Now very rare, the book is now seen as pivotal in moving children's illustration out of the heavy and ornate Victorian style of Dulac and others into an avowedly Modernist style.
The Library's Special Collections include a number of rare or valuable titles, some dating back to the sixteenth century. These titles are mostly held in the Mackintosh Library. Because of the value of these itmes, special access arrangement are in place, with viewing strictly by appointment only with our Academic Liasion Librarians.

Steve Mellor Comics

Over the past week, Shane Glines has been posting samples of 80s comic book work by Steve Mellor.
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Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Sunday 25th April is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Dippold has instructions and a template that you can download to make your own. When you’re done, share your photos in any number of the Flickr pinhole groups: Pinhole, Homemade Pinhole, Pin-olheiros, or Pinhole Photography.
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She's Gonna Blow!

Whilst the world waits, rather all too literally, for the dust to settle from the recent volcanic eruptions in Iceland, the Wellcome Collection in London presents a representation of the Eyjafjallajökull glacier 300 years ago, during rather calmer times!
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Archigram Archival Project

The Archigram Archival Project makes the work of the seminal architectural group Archigram available free online for public viewing and academic study. The project was run by EXP, an architectural research group at the University of Westminster. It was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.
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Swinging Both Ways

A mainstay of BBC election night coverage, the swingometer was designed to explain the unfolding results in visual terms. It has kept pace with evolving broadcast technology and developed from a simple hand-made prop into the latest in computer wizardry.
In this collection from BBC Archives, you can examine the evolution of this political pendulum and meet some of the presenters who made the device their own. Extracts from election nights over the decades remind us of dramatic victories and losses and demonstrate some of the stresses of a live television broadcast.
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Friday, April 16, 2010

Napa Flipbooks

The Library has just purchased 4 titles from Napa Book's flipbooks series. Napa are based in Helsinki and produce beautifully constructed limited edition flipbooks, which tell a tale or narrative through movement as you flip through the pages. These books have been entered into the Library's Artists' Books Collection

Blue Spine

As part of the Making Space project of Glasgow Women's Library, Shauna McMullan is creating a single, long, blue, line of books borrowed and collected from women throughout Scotland.
You are invited to take part in this artwork. Your book needs to:
  • Have a blue spine or have blue somewhere in the spine &
  • Be written by a woman

You will be invited to celebrate the opening of the artwork and to see your book as part of this collection in The Mitchell Library in May 2010. Following the exhibition your book will be returned to you with a numbered bookmark enclosed, recognising your book’s place within this collection. Your book will need to be borrowed until August 2010 and it is important to include a note of your name, address and contact details with your book.
Please send your book to Blue Spine Collection, Glasgow Women’s Library, 81 Parnie Street, Glasgow, G1 5RH

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Penguin Cover Designs

Speaking to the Past is a celebration of 75 years of Penguin Books cover designs by author Douglas Coupland. Includes Design Your Own function and a Flickr Pool
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History of Tattoos

A fascinating blog post from the Wellcome Collection on the history of tattoos and body adornment.
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Monday, April 12, 2010


Our newest addition to the Artists' Book Collection is the ingenious Popville by Anouck Boisrobert and Louis Rigaud. Published in French by Helium Editions this beautifully engineered pop-up book allows you to watch a city grow right before your eyes. Each page turn reveals houses, apartments, factories, and power lines appearing, as part of a growing urban development.

New Arrivals: Animals

We've just added to stock about 25 volumes from Reaktion Book's Animal series.
The series explores the historical significance and impact on humans of a wide range of animals, with each book in the series taking a different animal and examining its role in history around the world. The importance of mythology, religion and science are described as is the history of food, the trade in animals and their products, pets, exhibition, film and photography, and their roles in the artistic and literary imagination.
Written by authors who are passionate about their subjects, these highly accessible, informative and beautifully produced books will appeal to the general reader as well as to those with a specialist interest.

GSA Pecha Kucha

All GSA staff and students are invited to:

GSA Pecha Kucha
Thursday 22nd April, 5:30 PM
Staff Lounge, Newbery Building
(for tickets see below)

pecha kucha loosely translates as the sound of chit-chat.... a 20x20 format, where speakers have 20 seconds to speak about each of their twenty slides, ensuring a rapid-fire exchange of ideas, opinions and insights...

Come along for an eclectic evening of cross-school presentations from GSA staff, students, alumni plus guests...

James Houston
Nicholas Oddy
Sharon Thomas
GSA Mutual
Jamie Nicholson
Gordon Hush
David Coyle
Moira Dancer
Sarah Drummond
plus more to be confirmed

Hosted by: Glasgow School of Art Hub:
Free but ticketed.
Admission by tickets only: Tickets via:
Limited, so book quickly...

More info:

Friday, April 09, 2010

Artists' Books Guide: New Themes

We've just added several new themes to our Artists' Books Collection Guide, including the themes of Appropriation, Autobiography, Biodiversity, Cinema and Film, Crime and Murder, Food, Networks and Topologies, and Time and Sequence.
You can download the guide from the Library's Website.

We're 1,000 Today!

Although we don't look it, it's actually our 1000th birthday today. We've blogged 1,000 posts on art and design since we started 3 years ago. That's an average of nearly 1 post a day. We're already looking forward to our next 1,000!

Special Collections Showcase: Scrapbook of Historiated Initials

This regular feature of our blog highlights items from the Library's Rare Books and Special Collections, which are currently being recatalogued, audited and researched by staff in the Library. Today we look at a scrapbook of historiated initials, collected by Adam Gowans in the early 20th century.
Adam Luke Gowans graduated with an MA from the University of Glasgow in 1895 before entering publishing. This scrapbook was probably used to compile examples of historiated initials and letters that could be used as the basis for those in his published works.
The Library's Special Collections include a number of rare or valuable titles, some dating back to the sixteenth century. These titles are mostly held in the Mackintosh Library. Because of the value of these itmes, special access arrangement are in place, with viewing strictly by appointment only with our Academic Liasion Librarians.

Library Display: Franticham's Assembling Boxes

The Library's new display on the top floor of the Main Library features the latest acquisitions to the Artists' Books Collection, Franticham's Assembling Boxes nos. 1 & 2.
These limited edition publications from Red Fox Press in Ireland comprise A5 cardboard boxes filled with 23 limited edition artworks by invited contributing artists, from prints to postcards, and from badges to metalwork. The theme of the boxes is visual poetry and other Fluxus-inspired work.
Each box comes in a limited edition of 40 signed and editioned copies, with only 15 made available for sale.

World Fairs

From the London exposition of 1851 in the Crystal Palace through the 1939 World’s Fairs on New York’s Flushing Meadows and San Francisco’s Treasure Island, these momentous international expositions feature in the 2007 Beinecke Library exhibition, World’s Fairs and the Landscapes of the Modern Metropolis. The Library's World’s Fair collection includes posters, photographs, pamphlets, commemorative books, maps, government reports, and a rich array of colorful vintage ephemera covering a century of world expositions.
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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Archives Hub

The Archives Hub, the union catalogue for UK archive collections, has just been relaunched, with a new design and interface.
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