Friday, April 23, 2010

Art & Research Issue 3

Art and Research: A Journal of Ideas, Contexts and Methods
Volume 3. No. 1. Winter 2009/10
Art and Research is an artist-led, internationally peer-assessed e-journal of Research in Fine Art Practice, focused upon questions, contexts and methodologies of artistic research and practice. Art & Research aims to serve professional artists and academics, curators and critics, artistic researchers, postgraduate and doctoral research students and undergraduates, and to inform current pedagogical thought in a global context.
This issue of Art & Research features contributions from:
Thomas Hirschhorn
Marcus Steinweg
Jonathon Lahey Dronsfield
Gustav Metzger
Nathalie de Briey
Ursula Biemann
Michael Mersinis
Amy Charlesworth
Matt Rodda
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