Wednesday, April 21, 2010

GSA Library Participates in Read In! Read Out!

The Library has loaned a number of books on women artists and on feminism to the Read Out! Read In! exhibition at the Centre of Contemporary Arts, Glasgow.
Artists Faith Wilding and Kate Davis have invited a wide range of collaborators to select up to three texts. The result is a rich and expansive archive of texts, publications, audio/video, film-clips and images which are available through an online archive and at the ‘Read Out! Read In!’ reading room and library at the CCA, produced in collaboration with Glasgow Women’s Library. The reading room is available from April 16th-May 29th 2010. This material is also providing starting points for a network of reading groups and seminar events which have begun in Glasgow and Chicago and will continue on an international basis leading up to, during and after the exhibition.