Wednesday, June 30, 2010

London Lives

A fully searchable edition of 240,000 manuscripts from eight archives and fifteen datasets, giving access to 3.35 million names. "London Lives has been designed to facilitate historical research on poverty, crime and illness, and on social conditions more broadly, as reflected in institutional records." Includes over 240,000 manuscripts from eight London archives, is supplemented by fifteen datasets, and gives access to 3.35 million names.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Scampd is a new blog/showcase devoted to celebrating contemporary advertising illustration.
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Printer's Handbook

Schrift- und Polytypen-Proben' (1848) (Fonts and examples of different type) - a comprehensive model-book or copy-book of fonts for printers from 1848. Via Bibliodyssey.
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John Cage and Contemporary Art

BALTIC Curator Alessandro Vincintelli talks to artists Graham Gussin, Katie Paterson and Sam Belinfante about the new Cage Mix exhibition and the influence of John Cage on contemporary art practice.
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Lego for Adults

Lego blocks: playtime mainstay for industrious kids, obsession for many mature adults. Hillel Cooperman takes us on a trip through the beloved bricks' colorful, sometimes oddball grownup subculture, featuring CAD, open-source robotics and a little adult behavior.

Monday, June 14, 2010

New Acquisitions: Artists' Books by Colin Sackett

The Library has just acquired a number of artists' books by designer and artist Colin Sackett.

lightbox | keyboard
Two photographs of print production operators (from The Monotype Recorder, ‘Filmsetting in Focus’, 1965),
paired as endpapers, and in variants of a hundred disconnected parts, each rotating progressively through
quarter-turns in anti-clockwise and clockwise sequences.
8pp, 232 x 232, digital, letterpress, cloth and paper-covered flush-trimmed boards; Axminster 2009

inter ruptr
rebroadcast rerecord republish
20pp 200 x 154 inkjet, sewn pamphlet; Axminster 2005

The telephone number of the tower... / A limited number of this leaflet...
8pp, 190 x 130, inkjet, pamphlet; Axminster 2007

The original illustration and text are from the ‘Notes to the Plates’ in J. A. Steers’ visual survey: The Coast of
England and Wales in Pictures
, Cambridge 1960.
16pp, 220 x 220, digital, sewn pamphlet; Axminster 2009

“At the centre of every vignettist is a vorticist.” Typographical marriages or engagements between Bewick
and Wadsworth for example, and abbreviation as a form: whether in the rendered line on a map, the
hatched wooden block, or a diminution of the spelt word (often via a ‘de-vowelling’, or coppicing).
8pp 297 x 210 offset, pamphlet; Axminster 1998

up direction or down direction—an enlarged detail of a hypothetical stretch of railway line from a fold-out
illustration “Conventional Signs for Field Sketching” published in A Manual of Map Reading and Field
, London 1928.
60pp 180 x 100 inkjet, paper-covered casebinding; Axminster 2004

Distance etc.
Longereadingandwriting ninetyfourtoninetynine
Preface, Hereabouts, Aggregate, Exchange, Undulator, Segue, Rota, Commentary, Rereader, Monophonic,
Dtchnglsh, Wtrcrssbds, BBBN, BKMK, Ocularo, Blackboard, Geographyskulptur, Clicktrack, Elastical,
Onwrongoing, Titletrack, Invsblndscpe.
32pp text, 8pp plates 215 x 155 offset, paper-covered casebinding / paperback; Axminster 1999

Flooded Landscape near Exeter
16pp, 200 x 130, digital, sewn pamphlet; Axminster 2009,

an abbreviation / privately printed
16pp 204 x 140 inkjet, invertible sewn pamphlet; edition of 100 copies, Axminster 2005

…eighty pages unbacked alternating spreads…printed black letterpress and one colour…containing nothing
but the sound of its own making…
80pp 123 x 93 letterpress, paper-covered casebinding; Axminster 2002

Thirty-five printed and bound pages, oblique aerial photographs and texts from Landscape from the air,
F J Monkhouse, Cambridge 1959.
76pp 140 x 105 inkjet, cloth and paper-covered flush-trimmed boards; Axminster 2007

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wedding Dress

A fascinating online collection of photographs is being created by the Victoria and Albert Museum in advance of a major exhibition.
Examples of wedding photographs from the 19th century to the present day have been loaded on the site by V&A staff and members of the public. They include entries on the fashion style of the dresses and names of the individuals. Not only fascinating for researchers of fashion history, many also offer a social commentary as they include group family photos, views of wedding celebrations (in churches and civil locations) which can be revealing about changing attitudes towards marriage, the presentation of brides and changing nature of wedding celebrations, throughout time.
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Connecting Lines: Artists Talk About Drawing

The Library has just received a gift from the British Library of lots of copies of its double-CD Connecting Lines: Artists Talk About Drawing, for distribution to GSA students.
The recordings are taken from the National Life Stories project, which provides an opportunity for visual artists to document their lives and work in their own words. The CD celebrates 20 years of interviews.
You can pick up a free copy of this CD from both the ground and top floors of the Library - just help yourself!


Roomle is an online design tool which allows you to create floor plans, room layouts and designs simply and easily for free.
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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

China Cigarette Cards

Cigarette cards from China, via Journey Round My Skull.

Images of Manchester

A site maintained by Manchester City Council which contains over 80,000 images of Manchester and its suburbs. These cover the economic, political and social history of the city and its urban growth from 1892 onwards. Key features include the Manchester Amateur Photographic Society street survey 1950-1952. Search for slums to see some interesting examples of social history.
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Engaging Scotland

A website hosted by Universities in Scotland in order to inform about recent discoveries, events and conferences. It is intended to offer popular introductions to recent ongoing science and social science research.
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The Royal Digital Library of Belgium has a small album of delicate and charming gouache insect sketches produced in China in the 19th century. Via Bibliodyssey.
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