Monday, June 14, 2010

New Acquisitions: Artists' Books by Colin Sackett

The Library has just acquired a number of artists' books by designer and artist Colin Sackett.

lightbox | keyboard
Two photographs of print production operators (from The Monotype Recorder, ‘Filmsetting in Focus’, 1965),
paired as endpapers, and in variants of a hundred disconnected parts, each rotating progressively through
quarter-turns in anti-clockwise and clockwise sequences.
8pp, 232 x 232, digital, letterpress, cloth and paper-covered flush-trimmed boards; Axminster 2009

inter ruptr
rebroadcast rerecord republish
20pp 200 x 154 inkjet, sewn pamphlet; Axminster 2005

The telephone number of the tower... / A limited number of this leaflet...
8pp, 190 x 130, inkjet, pamphlet; Axminster 2007

The original illustration and text are from the ‘Notes to the Plates’ in J. A. Steers’ visual survey: The Coast of
England and Wales in Pictures
, Cambridge 1960.
16pp, 220 x 220, digital, sewn pamphlet; Axminster 2009

“At the centre of every vignettist is a vorticist.” Typographical marriages or engagements between Bewick
and Wadsworth for example, and abbreviation as a form: whether in the rendered line on a map, the
hatched wooden block, or a diminution of the spelt word (often via a ‘de-vowelling’, or coppicing).
8pp 297 x 210 offset, pamphlet; Axminster 1998

up direction or down direction—an enlarged detail of a hypothetical stretch of railway line from a fold-out
illustration “Conventional Signs for Field Sketching” published in A Manual of Map Reading and Field
, London 1928.
60pp 180 x 100 inkjet, paper-covered casebinding; Axminster 2004

Distance etc.
Longereadingandwriting ninetyfourtoninetynine
Preface, Hereabouts, Aggregate, Exchange, Undulator, Segue, Rota, Commentary, Rereader, Monophonic,
Dtchnglsh, Wtrcrssbds, BBBN, BKMK, Ocularo, Blackboard, Geographyskulptur, Clicktrack, Elastical,
Onwrongoing, Titletrack, Invsblndscpe.
32pp text, 8pp plates 215 x 155 offset, paper-covered casebinding / paperback; Axminster 1999

Flooded Landscape near Exeter
16pp, 200 x 130, digital, sewn pamphlet; Axminster 2009,

an abbreviation / privately printed
16pp 204 x 140 inkjet, invertible sewn pamphlet; edition of 100 copies, Axminster 2005

…eighty pages unbacked alternating spreads…printed black letterpress and one colour…containing nothing
but the sound of its own making…
80pp 123 x 93 letterpress, paper-covered casebinding; Axminster 2002

Thirty-five printed and bound pages, oblique aerial photographs and texts from Landscape from the air,
F J Monkhouse, Cambridge 1959.
76pp 140 x 105 inkjet, cloth and paper-covered flush-trimmed boards; Axminster 2007