Monday, September 20, 2010

Bookmarks Project VIII

The Bookmarks Project from the Centre for Fine Print Research aims to encourage appreciation of work in the format of artists' books. Participating artists each hand-produce an edition of 100 signed and numbered bookmarks to give away through distribution boxes at venues around the world. The GSA Library has been a participant in previous years.
This year's project has a twist -
this time it was librarians making them rather than distributing them, including GSA Librarian extraordinaire Duncan Chappell. You can access information about the project, and a complete gallery of images online.
Duncan's contribution Foreign Occupation is described thus: "
Foreign occupation comprises a series of visual puns based on diacritical marks and accents found in several European languages. The letter A was selected as the display site for these marks only because it seemed to offer an approximation of the human form, or else a plinth-like display stand. An occupation has been ascribed to each of these ‘foreigners’, based on the visual clues provided by the diacritic - so the juxtaposition of the French grave and acute becomes the furrowed brow of the philosopher, whilst the two dots of the German umlaut become the twin lenses of the birdwatcher’s binoculars."