Monday, November 22, 2010

Artists' Books Arrivals

New artists' books in the GSA Library's Artists' Books Collection:

Bertola, Carla (2010) Six x Six. Dugort: Redfoxpress

Chiarlone, Bruno (2010) Walk t Over. Dugort: Redfoxpress.

Sztuka Fabryka (2010) B/W-CLR. Dugort: Redfoxpress.

Rautenberg, Arne (2010) Yeah! Dugort: Redfoxpress.

Spence, Pete (2010) '!. Dugort: Redfoxpress.

Kivland, Sharon and Morlock, Forbes (2009) Freud and the Gift of Flowers. York: Information as Material.

Leaf, June (2010) Record 1974/1975. Gottingen: Steidl.

Boltanski, Christian (1995) Sachlich. Munich: Gina Kehayoff.

Chapman, Jake (2010) Memoirs of My Writer's Block. London: FUEL.

Bastian, M. S. and L., Isabelle (2010) Bastokalypse. Zurich: Speidegger & Speiss.

Eggers, Dave (2010) Is It Right to Draw Their Fur: Animal Renderings. San Francisco: McSweeney's.