Friday, November 12, 2010

Critical Journaling

Gillham, B. & McGilp, H. (2007) 'Recording the creative process: an empirical basis for practice-integrated research in the arts'. International Journal of Art and Design Education, 26(2), pp.177-184.
For GSA 4th Year undergraduates opting for the new Critical Journal pathway in the Forum of Critical Inquiry, this article by Bill Gillham and Helen McGilp may be of interest. Although aimed primarily at the textiles discipline, its key findings and conclusions are equally applicable to any practitioner embarking upon creative journaling.
"A case is made for a form of narrative reporting (the Creative Process Journal) as a methodology for practice-integrated research in the arts. It is argued that this stage of research creativity, which applies in all domains of academic study but is often not reported, is fundamental to the kind of arts research which allocates practice a central role. The practical and technological character of making a CPJ, and its consequent benefits to the maker–researcher are outlined."
This article is available directly, without login, on GSA campus only.