Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Everywoman Magazine

The GSA Library has just acquired an almost complete run of the seminal feminist magazine Everywoman, courtesy of Glasgow Women's Library.
" Everywoman is a radical departure from the familiar content of contemporary woman’s magazines, which act as a conduit for advertising – urging us to love our bodies alongside advertisements for plastic surgery. The lifetime of Everywoman’s publication shows the extent to which there was a readership for an alternative periodical. The publication played a role in connecting women politically and socially, combating isolation ideologically and bringing together women who may be geographically remote from each other. For many women, such publications (see also Spare Rib, Shrew or Red Rag ) offered a rare space in which to discuss taboo subjects such as female sexuality.Similarly to Spare Rib, Everywoman shunned the glossy aesthetic of magazines like Cosmopolitan, instead replicating the style of the newsletters of the 1960s underground press, evidencing its grassroots origins.
Although a commercial magazine maintained by its readership, at its inception Everywoman was published by a women’s co-operative (owned and run by its editorial committee). Chrissie Hynde was a lifetime supporting subscriber, and Germaine Greer and Susie Orbach were also long-term subscribers to Everywoman."
Everywoman magazine can be found in the periodicals section at the rear of the main GSA Library