Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Yutongo is an online tool to encourage systematic thinking and cooperation and the basics of the process are outlined below:
  1. Idea Boost

    In the Idea Boost many different idea fragments and inputs will be collected. Therefore, participants will encounter inspiration focussed questions – answer them in a creative way! It is the nature of our process that these inspiration questions do not always relate to the creative challenge.

  2. Idea Compression

    The Idea Boost is followed by the Idea Compression. In this section you’ll find all the idea fragments and input material collected before by you and other members of the yutongo community participating in a particular challenge. Now, it‘s your task to describe surprising ideas related to a particular challenge by combining idea fragments creatively and by discovering the gems in the inspiration material.

  3. Evaluation

    Finally, you are asked to rate ideas created by others on a ranking scale (1 – 5) and to make comments on ideas.