Friday, May 20, 2011

Over £750 of Photography eBooks Purchased by GSA Library

GSA Library has just purchased 25 e-books for the subject of photography, which join the Library's existing collection of over 100 e-books in art, design and architecture. Many of the purchased titles are from publishers AVA and Focal Press, and represent an investment of over £750.00 on photography e-books on the part of the Library. All the e-books below can be discovered via the Library Catalogue at, where links are provided through to the full-text. Access is via your MyGSA login.
The 25 purchased titles are:
  • Creative Vision: Digital and Traditional Methods for Inspiring Innovative Photography by Jeremy Webb. AVA: 2005.
  • Train Your Gaze: A Practical and Theoretical Introduction to Portrait Photography by Roswell Angier. AVA: 2007
  • The Fundamental of Photography by Helen Drew. AVA: 2005.
  • The Visual Dictionary of Photography by David Prackel. AVA: 2010
  • Colour Management for Photographers by Andrew Rodney. Elsevier: 2005.
  • The Focal Digital Imaging A-Z by Adrian Davies. Focal Press: 2005.
  • Basic Critical Theory for Photographers by Ashley La Grange. Focal Press: 2007
  • Basic Photography by Michael Langford. Focal Press, 2000
  • Digital Negatives: using Photoshop to create digital negatives for silver and alternative process printing by Ron Reeder. Focal Press: 2007
  • Digital Photography in Available Light by Mark Galer. Focal Press: 2006
  • Location Photography by Mark Galer. Focal Press: 2002
  • Photographic Possibilities by Robert Hirsch. Focal Press: 2001.
  • Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity by Michelle Bates. Focal Press: 2007
  • Studio Photography by John Child. Focal Press: 2005.
  • Teaching Photography: Tools for the Imaging Educator by Glenn Rand. Focal Press: 2006
  • The Advanced Digital Photographers' Workbook by Yvonne Butler. Focal Press: 2005
  • The Practical Zone System by Chris Johnson. Focal Press: 2006.
  • Photography: The Key Concepts by David Bate. Berg: 2009
  • Exposure by David Prakel. AVA: 2009
  • Basics Photography: Post-Production Black and White by Steve Macleod. AVA: 2008.
  • Basics Photography: Post-Production Colour by Steve Macleod. AVA: 2008.
  • Working in Black and White by David Prakel. AVA: 2009.
  • Design Principles: Basic Creative Photography by Jeremy Webb. AVA: 2010
  • Basics Photography: Lighting by David Prakel. AVA: 2007