Monday, August 15, 2011

Beauty Town

Beauty Town, a Facebook game where people can open and manage their own virtual fashion boutique has been launched. The game, which has been developed by Dynamo Games with support from Channel 4 and Creative Scotland's Digital Media IP Fund, allows players to learn more about fashion and looking good while having fun with their friends.
Beauty Town is a multiplayer, platform game that allows users to interact with their other friends on Facebook. Players have full control over their avatar and can then create and stock their boutique to make it the most fashionable place on the street. It also allows players to grow and develop their character as they acquire all the necessary skills to reach certain achievements building up to the prestigious ‘Stylist of the Year’.
It is also possible for people to interact with other Beauty Town players in the game’s unique social forum, which focuses on helping users that might have body image questions by sharing advice, tips and tricks.