Thursday, November 29, 2012

Art of the Title Sequence

'Art of the Title' is an online collection of title sequence design which provides classical and contemporary sequences from film, television and video-game releases. The resource can be used as an image gallery for popular culture from the 1950s onwards or, as a handy resource for researching the work of designers and digital design studios.

It's searchable by title sequence, designer or studio and provides features on the work of designers such as Saul Bass (Carmen Jones, Vertigo) and Richard Morrison, (The Dreamers, High Fidelity) plus analyses of trends. The old cinema and television classics are here as well as more modern titles. The content is saturated with American film titles, however some world cinema is represented (e.g. Delicatessen, Elektra Luxx).

The resource will be useful for graphic and digital designers, animators and illustrators as well as those with a general interest in the stylisation of film.