Monday, November 05, 2012

Blighty and Sea-Pie Magazines

In keeping with November's theme of remembrance, The National Library of Scotland has made online access available to two war-time cartoon magazines through its digital library. Editions of 'Blighty' (1917, 1918) and 'Sea-Pie' (1917-1919) contain cartoon drawings, poems and stories from contributors who served on the front-line and in the fleet during the First World War. These included cartoonists such as Tim Cottrell, Lawson Wood and Bert Thomas who were published in 'Punch' and 'The Stand Magazine,' both of which GSA library hold editions for reference use. 

Blighty was the weekly British official armed services magazine. Sea-Pie was started in 1917 to raise funds for charities helping seamen and their families. Both magazines portrayed the war effort in a positive and humorous light and raise interesting debate about the politicised use of cartoon, a permeation of which can still be found in the graphic novel genre.