Monday, November 12, 2012


Philpapers is a repository of online research in philosophy based at University of London. At its core is a database of close to 200,000 articles and books including the latest, professional research outputs about philosophical subjects. Around this database, the site has tools for: accessing the articles and books online, for discussing them online via discussion forums, for classifying them into relevant areas of philosophy, for searching and browsing, and for creating personal bibliographies and personal content alerts. It will be necessary to create a free account at the website to take advantage of all these useful features, however many articles can be searched simply by entering a term into the homepage. The results are helpfully broken down into meaningful categories with some, freely available to read. The profile of the resource (Philpapers has over 2000 likes on Facebook) and the quality of the research from a variety of international academic sources, makes it a reliable source of information for referencing in project work.