Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sounds of the City - London Sound Survey

The London Sound Survey is a sound mapping project using historical and present day maps and grid references to investigate life in the city. Working under the premise that place cannot be conveyed through words alone- as in travel guides, or through literature- the site provides samples of urban sound recordings in a candid rendering of the city. Perhaps the most compelling feature is the use of the grid reference, super-imposed over a map of the city which helps visitors to the site locate the origins of the audio sample. Buskers, soapbox preachers and market sellers' cries from around the city are among the various sounds held on this one simple topographical database which serves to reinforce literary, and visual representations of London.

All audio files are published under the creative commons (non-commercial) license meaning that the recordings can be shared and remixed provided the work is attributed to the site and it is used for non-commercial purposes. More licensing information can be found at the link:

Visit to make use of a resource which is definitely worth making some noise about!