Friday, December 14, 2012

Bibliodyssey Blog

Bibliodyssey's blog showcases the best and most arresting illustrations found in unique, archival collections. The one pictured for example, forms part of December's blog on plant anatomy charts which is taken from a nineteenth century plant systematics wall chart series called 'Dodel-Port-Atlas.' More drool-inducing illustrations have been added since the blog-posting, this time looking at 'Le Buffon Choisi,' a humorous children's zoology book modelled loosely on the 18th century scientific works of Buffon, a leading figure of the French Enlightenment. Alongside the drip-feed of beautiful pictures, the blog also recommends other blogs and resource sites. Navigate your way to previous blog postings by clicking on the images in the central right-hand margin to find more natural history images and other esoteric collections.