Tuesday, January 15, 2013

'It's Nice That' Blog

'It's Nice That' is an online blog capturing snapshots of cultural interest. Its creators explain that the blog exists to champion creativity across multiple disciplines with both established names and talented newcomers from the arts world featuring every day of the week.

We recommend checking the steady stream of content regularly given how frequent posts are written (it's common to see a dozen postings in one day!) and to save a folder for storing the images which inspire you the most.

Amongst the wealth of art and design news, commentary available to browse, we're particularly keen on today's post, looking at Jonathan Calugi's patterns and photographer Jim Naughten's photographs of Namibia's Herero tribe. The regular features are also worth dipping into with 'Bookshelf' providing an insight into members' of the creative industries favourite books with an accompanying photograph. There are also sections on art school graduates and introductions to up and coming names. Both are stunningly illustrated, providing an abundance of quality images and ideas.