Monday, January 07, 2013

Mitchell Library Puppeteers' Print Catalogue

Glasgow's marvellous puppet museum 'The World Through Wooden Eyes,' at the Mitchell Library has in recent months, been working to catalogue and photograph the beautiful selection of prints held in its collection. There are now over 400 items available to browse on their website, including 150 Punch-related items and nearly 80 Japanese woodblock prints. The John M. Blundall collection is named after the man who manages it, a puppet master, director, designer, craftsman and creator of numerous puppet theatre productions. He and Stephen Foster, studio craftsman, designer and creator of puppets and masks can usually be seen tinkering away, most afternoons on any given visit to the Mitchell.

The museum's vibrant website certainly packs its punches with plenty marionette images, and a section dedicated to the craftmanship of puppet carving and the set design or 'scenography' of the puppet theatre. Special visits to view the museum's collection can be arranged by personally contacting the curators at the email address below. This truly is like stepping inside Gipetto's workshop - where craft and design converge with history and education to form a unique resource for researchers and epicures alike.